Food Systems

Our collective ambitions for the well-being of People and Planet: Sustainable, equitable and nourishing food systems for all

As the UN Food Systems Summit+2 Stocktaking moment united world leaders, experts, and stakeholders to confront food systems challenges, we recognized a pivotal opportunity to shape a brighter, healthier future for all. As a result of this 3-days Summit, a Call to Action for accelerated Food Systems Transformation was issued. Unfortunately, this statement fell short […]


Introducing the SUN CSN’s Joint Declaration: Reclaiming Our Food System

We are excited to present a groundbreaking declaration that embodies the collective efforts and unwavering commitment of the Scaling up Nutrition Civil Society Network (SUN CSN). Titled “Reclaiming Our Food System: 4 Principles to Prioritize,” this declaration sets forth a transformative vision to address the pressing challenges faced by our global food and agricultural systems. […]