About the SUN Civil Society Network

The SUN Civil Society Network brings together 3,000 members in over 50 countries across the globe.

Our goals

As part of the Scaling Up Nutrition Movement (SUN), the SUN Civil Society Network (SUN CSN) is working to raise the voices of those who are affected by malnutrition. Our primary purpose is to end malnutrition globally by 2030.

The network contributes to this cause through five strategic objectives:

  • Objective 1 – driving effective and coordinated national and global campaigning efforts
  • Objective 2 – strengthening accountability of all stakeholders and adherence to the SUN movement principles of engagement
  • Objective 3 – enabling learning and providing support to SUN CSAs
  • Objective 4 – encouraging the space and resources to effectively scale up nutrition plans
  • Objective 5 – inspiring others to act on the factors affecting malnutrition such as gender, equity, climate, humanitarian crises and the right to food and nutrition

Our impact

How are we helping to end malnutrition?


In Pakistan, a SUN Civil Society Alliance between 150 civil society organisations organised a campaign called Invest in Nutrition. It gained mass media coverage and influenced the government to allocate a three-year budget towards nutrition.

Increasing reach and influence

In Kenya, new SUN Civil Society Network county chapters were established, and four county and national nutrition plans were developed. And in Laos, a new SUN Civil Society Alliance helped run the first ever National Nutrition Forum, successfully engaging all levels of government.

Getting media coverage

By gaining media coverage wherever possible, we help people suffering from malnutrition to have their voices heard.

In Zambia, Kenya and Zimbabwe, SUN Civil Society Network organisations have improved media coverage by holding training sessions with journalists. And in Tanzania and Ethiopia, award ceremonies are being held to recognize effective coverage of nutrition issues.

Creating learning opportunities

In 2017, the first SUN Civil Society Alliance was launched in the Philippines. In addition, we recently brought together 6 alliances for the first time in Indonesia, 9 alliances for a Learning Route in Rwanda and 14 alliances for a workshop in Senegal.

How are we governed

The SUN Civil Society Network is governed by a steering group of representatives from different member organisations across the globe, overseen by a chair and vice-chair. The steering group is responsible for network decision-making, with guidance from SUN Civil Society Alliances in SUN countries.

The day-to-day work of the network is coordinated by the SUN Civil Society Network secretariat, currently hosted by Save the Children UK.

How we are funded

The SUN Civil Society Network receives financial support from our donor partners. This funding ensures we’re able to provide an effective secretariat to support and galvanise civil society in a collective effort to end malnutrition.

Our incredible donor partners are, FCDO, Irish Aid and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation.

Our donors
UK aid Irish aid Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation SDC

The secretariat team

Christopher Twiss

Christopher Twiss

Head of the SUN Civil Society Secretariat

Christopher focuses on:

  • Managing the Secretariat’s team members and workplan
  • Managing relations with the SUN Movement Secretariat and other SUN networks
  • Leading CSN engagement with SUN 3.0 strategy
  • Leading engagement with Nutrition for Growth summit and its preparations
Alexandra Newlands

Alexandra Newlands

SUN CSN Senior Adviser

Alexandra focuses on:

  • Managing SUN CSN’s regional coordination work, and the Secretariat’s support to our civil society alliances
  • Leading our global governance processes
  • Working with Christopher on strategy and engaging with the other SUN networks
  • Working with Hannah to lead the network’s advocacy plans
Cecilia Ruberto

Cecilia Ruberto

MEAL (Monitoring, Evaluating, Accountability and Learning) Senior Adviser

Cecilia focuses on:

  • Leading on CSN MEAL capacity, systems, and tools, and developing our MEAL approach
  • Leading on design and supervision of CSN competitive grants
  • Coordinating CSN Technical Assistance provision and network knowledge sharing
  • Supporting the Latin America regional group and a range of CSAs globally
Andy Rooke

Andy Rooke

Fundraising & Sustainability Adviser

Andy focuses on:

  • Leading of the CSN fundraising and sustainability capacity, systems and tools.
  • Developing the CSN fundraising and sustainability strategic approach.
  • Coordinating the Pooled Fund to CSAs
  • Leading on design and supervision of CSN competitive grant initiatives
  • Supporting the Asia regional group and a range of CSAs globally
Hannah Taaffe

Hannah Taaffe

Advocacy & Youth Adviser

Hannah focuses on:

  • Supporting the SUN CSN Secretariat and member CSAs with their advocacy priorities, and facilitating  global advocacy and campaign moments
  • Development, implementation and monitoring of the Youth Leaders for Nutrition (YL4N) strategy 
  • Developing and maintaining relationships with key external stakeholders and build strong working relationships with partners and advocacy targets
Zoe Bennell

Zoe Bennell

Communications Officer

Zoe focuses on:

  • Supporting alliances with their communication strategies
  • Delivering the SUN CSN’s communication strategy
  • Creating and delivering a social media plan for the SUN CSN Secretariat’s social channels
  • Providing internal communication updates for the CSAs