Our collective ambitions for the well-being of People and Planet: Sustainable, equitable and nourishing food systems for all

Advocacy, Food Systems

As the UN Food Systems Summit+2 Stocktaking moment united world leaders, experts, and stakeholders to confront food systems challenges, we recognized a pivotal opportunity to shape a brighter, healthier future for all. As a result of this 3-days Summit, a Call to Action for accelerated Food Systems Transformation was issued.

Unfortunately, this statement fell short of our expectations. We felt compelled to issue a reactive statement that illuminates significant gaps within the UNFSS+2 declaration, underlining the pressing need for a nutrition-centric approach to food systems transformation. We firmly believe that achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and eradicating malnutrition necessitate a collective commitment to prioritizing nutrition, empowering local communities, and ensuring accountability at every level.

With a steadfast focus on fortifying local food systems, advocating sustainable and regenerative practices, amplifying civil society’s role, and fostering private sector accountability, our statement champions transformative change. Join us in advocating for a world where nourishing sustenance is accessible to all, where food systems are resilient and equitable, and where no one is marginalized.

Engage with our statement, immerse yourself in our call to action, and become a part of the movement toward a healthier, more sustainable, and nourishing future for generations to come. Together, let’s address the gaps in global food systems and pave the path to a future of meaningful progress.

Read SUN CSN’s reactive statement here