Joining the network

By joining the SUN Civil Society Network, your organisation gets access to our resources, events and learning opportunities. You become part of an international movement standing together with thousands of members worldwide to end malnutrition.

Why join the network

Make more impact

Together our voices are louder. Being part of the SUN Civil Society Network means you can work on global, regional and national campaigning projects to end hunger.

Maximise your fundraising

The SUN Civil Society Network can give guidance to civil society alliances to connect with donors, run fundraising events and more.

Get support and guidance

When you’re met with a new challenge, you can get help and guidance from the SUN CSN Secretariat, SUN Civil Society Alliances and member organisations.

Grow your connections

Use the SUN Civil Society Network to find others with a passion to end malnutrition near you, so you can collaborate and benefit from shared expertise.

How does the network support you?

Networking & learning events

Receive information on opportunities to attend focused training events and regional meetups – including the bi-annual SUN Movement Global Gathering.

Online meetings

Attend webinars, conference calls and online training sessions with other network members from your region or alliance.


Get advice when you need help with unique challenges such as forming and managing civil society alliances and ensuring their sustainability.

Resource library

Get up-to-date reports, tools, templates, manuals and more, through our website and other SUN Civil Society Network organisations.

Who can join the network

Membership is open to civil society organisations that are committed to the fight against malnutrition and want to contribute to the work of the SUN Civil Society Network.

Civil society organisations can be local or international charities and Non-Governmental Organisations including human rights defenders, community organisations, women’s groups, small farmers, research entities, child rights organisations and more.

Organisations that are already members of another SUN network within the SUN movement will not be eligible for SUN Civil Society Network membership.

What commitment do you have to make

Membership is free. However, all organisations that join our network have to commit to actively contribute to the objectives of the SUN Civil Society Network and comply with the SUN Movement Principles of Engagement.

Commit to actively contribute to the objectives of the SUN Civil Society Network

  1. Objective 1 – Driving effective and coordinated national and global campaigning efforts
  2. Objective 2 – Strengthening accountability of all stakeholders and adherence to the SUN movement principles of engagement
  3. Objective 3 – Enabling learning and providing support to SUN CSAs
  4. Objective 4 – Encouraging the space and resources to effectively scale up nutrition plans.
  5. Objective 5 – Inspiring others to action on the factors affecting malnutrition such as gender, equity, climate, humanitarian crises and the right to food and nutrition.

Comply with the SUN Movement Principles of Engagement

  1. Be transparent about intentions and impact
  2. Be inclusive
  3. Be rights-based
  4. Be willing to negotiate
  5. Be predictable and accountable
  6. Be cost-effective
  7. Be continuously communicative
  8. Act with integrity and in an ethical manner
  9. Be respectful
  10. Do no harm

How to join

To join SUN Civil Society Network (CSN) you will need to complete and submit a membership application form.

Please answer the questions below to get the correct form with full submission instructions.

Where do you operate?

Establishing a Civil Society Alliance

The role of the SUN Civil Society Network (CSN) is to galvanise its Civil Society Alliances to build relationships, share proven evidence, coordinate action, and amplify voices, in the knowledge that a collaborative approach to ending malnutrition is more powerful than individual Civil Society Organisations (CSO) acting alone. To establish a Civil Society Alliance (CSA) in a SUN country, please see the steps and watch the explanatory video guide below. 


Video Tutorial:

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