Working together to end malnutrition

The SUN Civil Society Network connects and supports over 3,000 members around the globe who are fighting to end malnutrition.

Who we are

The Civil Society Network is part of Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN), a world-wide Movement to end malnutrition.

Our network is made up of civil society organisations – diverse, non-profit groups including human rights defenders, community organisations, women’s groups, small farmers, research entities, child rights organisations and more.

The network has approximately 3000 member organisations who are part of the global network or one of over 50 country alliances or CSAs (civil society alliances).

Why we do it

1 in 3 people worldwide are affected by malnutrition.

Good nutrition – a healthy, balanced and adequate diet – is a matter of life or death and the difference between surviving and thriving. Without correct nutrition, millions of people are affected by fatal illnesses, learning difficulties, stunted growth, challenges in pregnancy and more.

The world has made progress in addressing undernutrition. But the progress has not been fast enough – malnutrition is still commonplace in many countries around the world.

The people who are affected cannot change this situation alone. Civil society organisations need to come together and use their skills, experience and influence to improve the lives of millions of malnourished people.

144 million

children worldwide are affected by stunted growth

47 million

children are dangerously underweight

Only 51%

of children aged 6-23 months eat the recommended minimum number of daily meals

1 in 3 women

of reproductive age, due to malnutrition, have an iron deficiency that can cause disabilities in babies

What we do

The SUN Civil Society Network Secretariat supports network members in three key areas – campaigning, fundraising and governance.


Supporting SUN Civil Society Alliances as they work to influence governments and private sector organisations in the fight against malnutrition.


Advising SUN Civil Society Alliances on how to raise funds for their work.


Helping members to establish, manage and grow their SUN Civil Society Alliances into credible and ethical coalitions.

How we support our network

Learning & networking events

Our network is all about working together, so we hold training events, along with global conferences and regional events that help members to make new connections and to give the skills they need for specific goals and activities.


When members need assistance with specific challenges, they can request advice in areas like fundraising, communications and campaigning.

Resource library

We have a growing online library of resources that can help SUN Civil Society Alliances with their initiatives. The resources include newsletters, manuals, toolkits, communications templates and more.

Online meetings

Webinars and monthly conference calls help our members to stay updated and coordinate their efforts. Through close collaboration, we can expand our influence and build on our strengths.

Help us fight malnutrition

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Membership is free to all organisations that meet our criteria – get started here.

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