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The Small Grants Programme Report is here!

Since 2018 SUN CSN has run a small grants programme, which invites interested & eligible CSAs and their members to apply for small grants, to implement and pilot small projects for research or innovation purposes over a 6-month period. Between 2018 – 2022 The SUN CSN Small Grants Programme has run four cycles of funding […]


We are all accountable

One year on from the Nutrition for Growth (N4G) summit, SUN CSN launches a social accountability campaign to hold stakeholders to account for promises made. The SUN Civil Society Network, along with the support of network members and global partners, want to see that the bold commitments we all made for nutrition become a reality! […]


Get to know the Global Nutrition Cluster Technical Alliance

Who is the GNC Technical Alliance? The Global Nutrition Cluster Technical Alliance exists to provide systematic, predictable, timely, cost-effective and coordinated nutrition technical assistance to help nutrition practitioners meet the nutrition rights and needs of people affected by and at risk of emergencies. We provide expert guidance, learning and training, either remotely, through providing online […]


Get Involved with the Latest CS Network Assembly!

Our first ever network-wide Virtual Assembly took place in May against the backdrop of ongoing global crises, which have seen food prices rise and access to adequate nutrition further diminished.  Together, CSN members discussed how communities have been impacted and what we needed to change in the global food system to mitigate the impact of […]


A new chapter for youth leadership on nutrition for the SUN CSN! 

This year, the SUN CSN Secretariat is very excited to be launching the next phase of the successful Youth Leaders for Nutrition Program, and we’re inviting all CSN Members to join us in recruiting the next generation of young change-makers on nutrition.  What does this new phase look like?  Previously, the SUN CSN has supported […]


Three things we learnt from the first Civil Society Network assembly

This week saw over 60 members of the SUN Movement’s Civil Society Network (CSN) come together from countries all around the globe in the first ever network-wide assembly to discuss experiences and solutions surrounding the current global food crisis and to create tangible advocacy demands as a network. The discussion was full of ideas and […]


The SUN CSN to host its first network-wide assembly on global crises

Summary  The Civil Society Network Secretariat (CSNS) plans to organise a series of meetings with CSN Members to come together and share experiences and perspectives on how the global commodity price increases are impacting nutrition in different contexts.  The event on May 25th will be offered as the first of an ongoing series of global […]


Ukraine conflict highlights the fragility of the global food system and will have damaging impact on nutrition of the most vulnerable, warns SUN Movement’s Civil Society Network.  

Members of the SUN Movement’s Civil Society Network are already reporting food shortages and escalation in prices due to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, which will have knock-on effects on the state of nutrition globally.   The Russian Federation and Ukraine are among the most important producers of agricultural commodities in the world. Organisations such as […]


Scaling Up Nutrition Civil Society Network Commitment

This week, actors across the nutrition community including representatives from governments, businesses, academics and members of civil society came together to make bold pledges towards the UN nutrition targets at the Nutrition for Growth Summit.  The Civil Society Network (CSN) is part of Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN), a world-wide Movement to end malnutrition. Our diverse […]


This week, actors across the nutrition community including representatives from governments, businesses, academics and members of civil society came together to make bold pledges towards the UN nutrition targets at the Nutrition for Growth Summit. 

The Civil Society Network (CSN) is part of Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN), a world-wide Movement to end malnutrition. Our diverse network of civil society organisations includes non-profit groups, human rights defenders, community organisations, women’s groups, small farmers, research entities and child rights organisations. The network has over 4000 member organisations who are part of the global network or one of our country alliances or Civil Society Alliances (CSAs).

At this year’s Nutrition for Growth Summit, the CSN made a joint commitment towards combating malnutrition, which aims to complement and amplify the numerous ambitious commitments made by the diverse members of the network. 

As the CSN, we made an ambitious four-point pledge to:

  1. Mobilise CSN members, civil society alliances, Youth Leaders for Nutrition and individual organisations, to support the development, implementation, budgeting, monitoring and evaluation of National Nutrition Action plans in at least half of the 61 SUN countries. 
  2. Equip CSN members with the means and tools to track commitments and hold stakeholders accountable to commitments made as part of UNFSS, N4G, WHA targets and the SDGs, using the Nutrition Accountability Framework and other relevant frameworks. 
  3. Equip CSN members with the tools and technical expertise to drive gender-transformative interventions at the local and national level to change behaviours and social norms rooted in gender inequality. 
  4. Guarantee continued cross-sector and cross-country learning generated by CSN members and external experts in the 61 SUN countries. 

These four commitments, made on behalf of the CSN Secretariat and the wider network, are reflected within the commitments from member organisations and alliances. 

For instance, commitments to reduce stunting were made by Fundacion Exito in Columbia, but also by Nutrition International who pledged to prevent 4.4 million cases of stunting among children, along with 60 million cases of anaemia. 

Working multi-sectorally, a strong focus for the whole SUN Movement, is a priority for the CSA in Bangladesh who pledged to promote a multi-sectoral approach to all nutrition work in Bangladesh. Similarly, the CSA in Laos committed to strengthening ties with the government of Laos in their work on nutrition. 

Promoting gender equality and gender transformative nutrition interventions is also core to the Civil Society Network and reflected in members’ commitments,.from the CSA in Laos and the Asia Regional Coordination Group committing to working on gender with the governments and advocating for the proper observation of the Breast Milk Substitute code, to the East and Southern Africa regional group prioritising gender transformative actions. World Vision International specified that a portion of their $500 million pledge will go towards gender transformative action, while CARE International committed to promoting gender equality through projects such as ‘She Feeds the World’. 

Along with policy and programmatic commitments, we have also seen bold financial pledges from our network. This includes $15 million from REDNI in Ecuador, $500 million from World Vision International, $33 million from FHI Solutions, and $500 million from Save the Children International. 

These pledges represent the SUN CSN’s commitment to ending malnutrition by 2030 and ensuring that nutrition is elevated as a key driver for food system transformation. We will be using the newly created Nutrition Accountability Framework to hold ourselves and others accountable and to see these words turn into action.

You can see the full commitment videos from the CSN and the Youth Leaders for Nutrition below.