Empowering local voices at the Micronutrient Forum 6th Global Conference: A critical role in shaping the global agenda on nutrition resilience

Advocacy, Child Nutrition, Hunger, Women's Nutrition

By Alexandra Newlands, Head of the Scaling Up Nutrition Civil Society Network & Irshad Danish, Senior Advocacy Adviser at Nutrition International, and Chair of the Scaling Up Nutrition Civil Society Network

With the contributions of Tanuja Rastogi, Director of Advocacy & Communications, Micronutrient Forum

Photo credit: SUN Pooled Fund Photos © – Cameroon 2

At the forefront of our journey towards a healthier and more prosperous world lies nutrition resilience. The ability of systems to safeguard nutrition has never been more urgent in an increasingly interconnected world facing complex and cascading challenges. The convergence of climate change, high food prices, and malnutrition crises necessitates collective efforts on a global scale to protect the health and well-being of vulnerable populations.

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