Calling all young changemakers!

Are you a young person who is passionate about delivering change for the most marginalised in your country?

Are you concerned by the impact that climate change is having on access to nutritious food?

Are you determined to see an end to malnutrition for all?

Are you ready to lead a movement of young community-activists in your country?

Apply to be one of our new National Youth Coordinators

This year, the Scaling Up Nutrition Civil Society Network (SUN CSN) is recruiting a new generation of National Youth Coordinators to build powerful movements of youth activists in their countries.

As a National Youth Coordinator, you would identify new and existing youth activists in your country and bring them together to form a united movement of young people advocating for the importance of nutrition at the local and national levels.

Community-led change

As a National Youth Coordinator, we want you to reach out to these young people and support them to become leaders within their communities and to collectively demand change from their local decision-makers. 

Together with your network of youth activists, you will be supported to identify decision-makers and inspire them to listen to your demands and join your campaign to ensure access to food for all communities. 


To apply, simply tell us why you think you would make a great National Youth Coordinator in your country and be sure to refer to the role qualities outlined above. 

You can submit your application in any format you like, whether it’s a written statement, a short video, or something else – we encourage you to be creative and let your personality shine through your application! 

Submission guidelines: 

  • Written applications should be no longer than 500 words in length 
  • Audio/Video recordings should be no longer than 3-minutes in duration 
  • You can submit your application in English, French, or Spanish 
To ensure that we represent a broad range of young people from across the Civil Society Network, we are extending the deadlines for applications for young people living in Asia and Latin America. We are no longer accepting applications from young people living in Africa and will soon be contacting applicants from this region about the outcome of their applications.

Apply today!

This opportunity is now closed to participants in Africa. We are accepting applications from Asia until 30th November 23:59 GMT