Meet the women of the CSN: Dilka Rashmi Peiris

Women's Nutrition, Asia

 Project Director Scaling Up Nutrition People’s Forum, former SUN CSA focal person for Sri Lanka

My work in nutrition

I was really drawn to nutrition as it has a multi-sectoral approach.

Women play a key role in implementing nutrition policies, both in the family and in society as a whole, and contributing to the health and nutrition of the population. The woman starts by breastfeeding her baby and prepares meals for the family members. Women employees in sectors such as agriculture, manufacturing, trade, catering, health care, education etc…account for the majority. 

Therefore, We need to value the health and nutrition of women and girls for the nation’s prosperity

The role of women

Women’s understanding of health and nutrition issues in the family and the society is very much important for policy making, planning, and decision making.