Alliance-SUN Tchad (ROSCINUT), Chad


We aim to support the multisectoral activities of the SUN movement, facilitate the implementation of the multi-sectoral, inter-network action plan and ensure equity in networks. We also facilitate the definition of common indicators for monitoring multisectoral interventions, monitor the implementation of the inter-network action plan, inform all network presidents about intersectoral activities and other activities that concern them. We document the evolution process of the Alliance and lessons learned through regular updates and facilitate the sharing of experiences of good practices and lessons learned.

Country: Chad

Region: West and Central Africa

Languages: French

Number of members: 221

Areas of expertise

  • Advocady and communication
  • Production and distribution of films and magazines
  • Promotion of research in nutrition and nutrition
  • Teaching of food sciences and nutrition

How to join this alliance

To join this alliance, please complete the membership application form below and email it to:

The alliance will be in touch and may ask you to provide further information.

If you do not receive a response within a month, please forward the filled-in form and your original email to

West and Central Africa region news

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December 13, 2022

The Small Grants Programme Report is here!

Since 2018 SUN CSN has run a small grants programme, which invites interested & eligible CSAs and their members to apply for small grants, to implement and pilot small projects for research or innovation purposes over a 6-month period. Between 2018 – 2022 The SUN CSN Small Grants Programme has run four cycles of funding […]

December 6, 2022

We are all accountable

One year on from the Nutrition for Growth (N4G) summit, SUN CSN launches a social accountability campaign to hold stakeholders to account for promises made. The SUN Civil Society Network, along with the support of network members and global partners, want to see that the bold commitments we all made for nutrition become a reality! […]

October 20, 2022

Get to know the Global Nutrition Cluster Technical Alliance

Who is the GNC Technical Alliance? The Global Nutrition Cluster Technical Alliance exists to provide systematic, predictable, timely, cost-effective and coordinated nutrition technical assistance to help nutrition practitioners meet the nutrition rights and needs of people affected by and at risk of emergencies. We provide expert guidance, learning and training, either remotely, through providing online […]