Accelerating impact together: join the CSN country to country technical assistance initiative

Monitoring and Evaluation

Why this initiative?

To harness the CSN’s enormous expertise and ability to deliver cross-learning and peer-to-peer support, the CSN country to country technical assistance initiative aims to match the need for support of Civil Society Alliance members with CS experts able to provide technical assistance.

The aim is to accelerate our impact by building on expertise already available while strengthening collaboration and trust within the Network.

#strongertoghether While Covid-19 forces us all to stay safe and to reduce the risk of contagion, we think that cross country technical support is still possible via remote working. At the Secretariat, we welcome creative ideas to receive/offer TAs remotely and are happy to support requests that enable remote TA delivery.

Expected results

  1. Increase the pool of CSN TA providers available for peer-to-peer support (at all levels, especially the subnational)
  2. Increase the number of TA requests addressed that receive a high satisfaction evaluation
  3. Further strengthen the Network learning and collaboration practices
  4. Assess the value of the TA provided, virtually or face to face, to inform the business case for SUN 3.0
  5. Obtain enough data on how to effectively and efficiently manage TA on a large scale (to be replicated during SUN 3.0)
  6. Obtain enough information to reinforce the position of the CSN as a competitive knowledge provider for stakeholders outside the Network.

What’s new?

The CSN will be able to fund international travel for a limited number of requests (any additional costs will be paid for by the organization requesting the TA). During the Covid-19 pandemic, the Secretariat can instead cover costs for remote TA provision (e.g. internet credit/use of online platforms etc)

CS will be able to select the preferred provide among the various that will respond to their request

TA providers that received a positive evaluation will become CSN certified TA Providers. They will be added to the CSN Pool of Experts and will be eligible to receive new TA requests (pending their availability)


A certificate will be issued by the CSN Secretariat to TA experts that receive excellent evaluations. A commission at the CSN Secretariat will review the evaluations from TA recipients and TA providers and based on that evidence can award a certificate.

The certificate will be valid for 12 months after the last piece of TA delivered. Pending the availability and interest of the provider, the CSN can share the provider’s details with other stakeholders that have a pool of experts (e.g. African development bank) or when a receiving a request for expert assistance.

How to get involved?

All the application forms are available in the resources section of the website.

*Attention: if no offers are received the request will be shared with CSN global members and if no support is available the request will remain open for the following 6 months, after that it will be archived. The CSO may re-submit the request they would like to.

Quick Links:

  • Online Map with current TA requests
  • (For TA recipient) TA request form: EN / FR/ SP
  • (For TA providers) TA profile form: EN; FR; SP
  • (For TA providers) TA requests database: EN/FR/SP
  • TA Evaluation form: EN; FR; SP