Learning route in Rwanda – final report

About this report

In November 2016, representatives of civil society alliances from nine sub-Saharan African countries met in Rwanda. They took part in a learning exchange visit known as a ‘Learning Route’. All the alliances are working to end malnutrition in their countries and therefore face similar challenges. During the Learning Route, they learned from successful practice in the host country, as well as learning from each other. This report outlines the methodology of the Learning Route programme.

The programme supports the goal of promoting the formation of credible civil society alliances (CSAs) in countries affected by malnutrition. The report includes the preparation for the Rwanda visit, the selection of the host country and the examples of ‘best practice’ that the participants visited. It also explains the key learning and outcomes that resulted from the experience. SUN CSN’s Learning Route programme is funded by the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF). This is based on an established methodology developed by PROCASUR which has been used in more than 35 countries in Latin America, Africa and Asia.