Meet the women of the CSN: Florence Sibomana

Women's Nutrition, East and Southern Africa

Youth Leader for Nutrition, Rwanda

My work in nutrition

I am a Youth Leader for Nutrition from Rwanda and I initiated the Youth Powered Nutrition project which aims at equipping young people with knowledge and skills on nutrition advocacy to ensure behaviour change towards healthy lifestyles.

I decided to work in the nutrition sphere because nutrition is a foundation of life. As a medical doctor, I have realized that a large number of patients I consult complain about poor nutrition related health conditions and that showed me that proper nutrition is a pillar for attaining better health.

The role of women

Women’s nutrition is particularly important because they give life to generation and generations. If mothers have good nutrition, it increases the chance for their children to have overall good health. Furthermore, in different contexts, women play a critical role in making food choices for their families and this strengthens the impact women can have on the health of their families, nation and worldwide.

Being a woman has affected my career positively because when I thought about pursuing medicine as my career I hadn’t seen any female medical doctors and this has been my everyday inspiration to let society know that women can also do great in sciences.

To elevate more women in leadership: Women need to be educated, empowered and engaged in all development programs.