Know It, Be It, Do It

Regional Planning, Latin America and the Caribbean

Virtual Learning Exchange “Listening to the Voice of the Latin American and Caribbean Civil Society Network”

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The Latin American and Caribbean SUN Civil Society Regional Group is organizing an innovative virtual learning exchange building on successful experiences on advocacy and multi-stakeholders and multi-sectorial nutrition coordination.

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The learning exchange methodology transforms the “learning by doing” into a “know it-be it -do it” methodology through a series of activities and modules that will take place on the following dates:

9th 11th and 14th December 2020 with the theme “Public advocacy with political parties and authorities to include nutrition issues on the public agenda”

Case studies from: Colombia, Peru and Malawi

13th 15th and 18th January 2021 with the theme “Multi-sectoral and multi-stakeholders work to foster nutrition”

Case studies from: El Salvador, Guatemala, Costa Rica

During each exchange week, three main virtual sessions will be carried out, with the purpose of strengthening the learning in all participants:

  • First webinar “KNOW IT”: we will learn about the successful experiences that will be shared, emphasizing the methodological approach of the experience
  • Second webinar “BE IT”:  we will listen to the impact testimonies told, emphasizing the reflective approach of generated changes .
  • Third Webinar “DO IT”: we will carry out a roadmap or group work plan, emphasizing the practical approach of the lessons learned.

We strongly encourage you to attend the 3 sessions.   Supporting material will be shared with participants that will attend the 3 sessions to help accelerating learning by developing an “Action Plans” to replicate/adapt some of the good practices shared during the webinars.

Sign up for the learning event and block your calendar!

Registration for January 13, 15:00-17:30 (UTC) “Knowing the intervention: Successful case studies of Guatemala, Costa Rica and El Salvador”
Registration for January 15 15:00-17:30 (UTC) “Listening to testimonies of impact: Guatemala, Costa Rica and El Salvador.”
Registration for January 18 15:00-17:30 (UTC) “Planning our roadmap: Through shared lessons and reflections”.

Articles and resources:

Primer Encuentro de Interaprendizaje ‘Escuchando la voz de la sociedad civil de Latinoamérica y el Caribe”

Conclusiones de la primera semana de aprendizaje (Carolina Turriago)

Case studies:

Malawi: “National Budget: 3.7% allocation for nutrition

Colombia: “La nutrición en los planes de desarrollo nacional y territorial – Un logro colectivo de Fundación Éxito y NiñezYA

Peru: “Incidencia a candidatos presidenciales en favor de la nutrición: Delia Haustein PERUSAN (Antes IDI) Perú