International Women’s Day: Women as a change agent in ensuring food security

Women's Nutrition, Asia

Women in Food Systems: A story by HKI Vietnam

Bui Thi Hoai, a young Muong mother in Chi Dao commune shared that after two years of attending the Enhanced Homestead Food Production project, she has gained lots of new knowledge about nutrition and agriculture, that she never known before. Thanks to the monthly communication sessions and cooking demonstrations, she now knows about the four food groups and knows how to select a variety of foods for her family’s diverse diet. Her child, a two-year old boy, has enjoyed more complimentary meals prepared by her, and has grown well.

In addition, she was supported with worm farming, which is currently very helpful for her home-garden production. She used cattle manure to feed worms and harvest worms to raise livestock and poultry. Starting with 35kg of worm seedings, she has harvested 400 kg of worms for feeding livestock and tons of vermicompost used for cultivation. Through this, she has saved money and increased her family’s income by selling organic livestock products.