Partnership for Nutrition in Tanzania, Tanzania, United Republic of


PANITA – Partnership for Nutrition in Tanzania - is a Civil Society Alliance of over 300 CSOs comprising both local and international with geographical span covering the entire country. It is dedicated to building the political and public-will, commitment and support to end malnutrition in Tanzania. Members are engaging in both specific and sensitive nutrition interventions in their local communities. Sensitive sectors include but are not limited to: Agriculture, Education, Health, Early Childhood Development (ECD), Community Development, Gender, WASH, Livestock and fisheries.

Country: Tanzania, United Republic of

Region: East and Southern Africa

Languages: English

Number of members: 300

Areas of expertise

  • Advocacy for increased prioritization of nutrition into government plan & budgets
  • Policy improvement
  • Building capacity of CSOs
  • Media and parliamentarians engagement for improved nutrition Implementing nutrition projects with members

How to join this alliance

To join this alliance, please complete the membership application form below and email it to:

The alliance will be in touch and may ask you to provide further information.

If you do not receive a response within a month, please forward the filled-in form and your original email to

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December 15, 2022

Nutrition Sensitive training in the Philippines – A Tale of Experience

A photoblog by Georgine Obwana – CSA Uganda In this ever-changing world, it is necessary to keep updating yourself, your knowledge, and your intellect, to keep up with the continuous growth and development taking place. This is exactly why the one week blended international course on Enhancing Capacities on Nutrition – Sensitive programing (NSP) has […]

December 13, 2022

The Small Grants Programme Report is here!

Since 2018 SUN CSN has run a small grants programme, which invites interested & eligible CSAs and their members to apply for small grants, to implement and pilot small projects for research or innovation purposes over a 6-month period. Between 2018 – 2022 The SUN CSN Small Grants Programme has run four cycles of funding […]

December 6, 2022

We are all accountable

One year on from the Nutrition for Growth (N4G) summit, SUN CSN launches a social accountability campaign to hold stakeholders to account for promises made. The SUN Civil Society Network, along with the support of network members and global partners, want to see that the bold commitments we all made for nutrition become a reality! […]