Nutrition and Food Security Alliance of Namibia (NAFSAN), Namibia


NAFSAN is an alliance consisting of Civil Society, Academia, Private Sector and committed individuals. it is a vibrant and committed part of Namibia’s movement to eradicate malnutrition and to achieve food security.

NAFSAN’s Mission is to

  • provide organisations, communities, and individuals with effective platforms, tools, information and skills to achieve food security and optimal nutritional status for themselves and others

  • promote nutrition and food science and make such science applicable and accessible to the entire population of Namibia

  • advocate and practically support efficient governmental and non-governmental communication and collaboration structures, financial and political commitment, legislation, policies, programmes and actions that ensure food security, and an effective, sustainable and equity-focused approach to improving the nutritional status of everyone in Namibia.

NAFSAN hereby aims to:

  • work in partnership with government, private sector, civil society, communities, academia, educators, committed individuals, UN agencies and other international partners towards achieving NAFSAN’s vision and mission

  • enhance national and sub-national structures and systems for effective, accountable, coordinated and sustainable implementation of nutrition and food security actions by organisations, communities and individuals

  • raise public awareness of structures, laws, policies, programmes and initiatives that promote sustainable food security and optimal nutrition, and to critically and constructively review them and to advocate for necessary changes

  • promote learning and innovation concerning nutrition and food security by collecting credible evidence, conducting policy analyses, and providing platforms for communication among the public, partners and relevant professionals

  • support civil society and other stakeholders to effectively discuss and take coordinated action aimed at improving nutrition and food security.

Country: Namibia

Region: East and Southern Africa

Languages: English

Number of members: 16

Areas of expertise

  • Available soon

How to join this alliance

To join this alliance, please complete the membership application form below and email it to:

SUN CSN membership form

The alliance will be in touch and may ask you to provide further information.

If you do not receive a response within a month, please forward the filled-in form and your original email to

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