Fundraising toolkit – English

Why this tool?
This resource aims to:
– Develop CSAs’ fundraising knowledge and confidence
– Share fundraising good practice between CSAs at different stages
– Equip all CSAs with the knowledge, tools and skills to, therefore, improve their fundraising and to achieve long term financial sustainability.


East and Southern Africa (ESA) national budget commitment to nutrition

A report of national budget allocation to nutrition – an analysis of nine countries.


Nutrition budget advocacy : handbook for civil society

Chapter 1:

Within this chapter, readers gain proficiency in all of the concepts involved in nutrition budget advocacy. This includes both nutrition-related concepts and budgetary concepts.

Chapter 2:

This chapter explains what a budget advocacy strategy is and therefore why such a strategy is developed.

Chapter 3:

Readers are taught how to prepare a budget analysis because this is the basis of all budget advocacy. This is done by outlining available methodologies and therefore offering practical advice.

Chapter 4:

The final chapter uses case studies as examples that will help readers deliver a successful nutrition budget advocacy campaign.


Effective coalition – building in nutrition

This ‘lessons learnt’ report summarises the experiences of civil society organisations working in nutrition. Therefore discovering effective ways to build partnerships and coalitions with government bodies and other organisations working towards shared goals.