Scaling Up Nutrition (CS) Alliance Rwanda, Ruanda


The primary purpose of the SUN Civil Society Alliance is to encourage the alignment of Civil Society Organizations’ (CSO) strategies, programmes and resources with country plans for scaling up nutrition. The Alliance aims to achieve this by strengthening the capacity of its members and providing support for cross-organizational and cross-sectoral coordination. It is responsible for encouraging effective engagement from civil society in the SUN process and advocates for the development of ambitious plans to address malnutrition at all levels. It also contributes to the implementation and rolling out of national costed plans and the monitoring of its delivery.

Country: Ruanda

Region: África oriental y meridional

Number of members: 99

Areas of expertise

  • Advocacy and communication
  • Nutrition Budget analysis
  • Stakeholders and action mapping
  • Nutrition governance and leadership
  • Learning processes

How to join this alliance

Para unirse a esta alianza, complete el formulario de solicitud de participación abajo y envíelo por correo electrónico a la siguiente dirección:

Formulario de solicitud de participación en la RSC SUN

La alianza se pondrá en contacto con usted y es posible que le solicite más información.

Si no recibe una respuesta en el plazo de un mes, envíe el formulario cumplimentado y el correo electrónico original a