Plataforma da Sociedade Civil para o Movimento SUN Moçambique, Mozambique


Our overall objective is to contribute to the achievement of national targets in the reduction of chronic undernutrition (stunting) in children under 5 years of age in Mozambique through advocacy activities. Specifically by enhancing civil society capacity and in raising and keeping nutrition at the top of the political agenda and to carry out effective monitoring and advocacy interventions for nutrition actions.

Country: Mozambique

Region: África oriental y meridional

Number of members: 425

Areas of expertise

  • Networking
  • Influencing in-country processes for nutrition-specific & sensitive policies and plans (multidisciplinary approach)
  • Capacity building in nutrition and advocacy for nutrition
  • Tools for M&E, media, planning and budgeting for nutrition

How to join this alliance

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Formulario de solicitud de participación en la RSC SUN

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