Scaling Up Nutrition
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Scaling Up Nutrition

What We Do

The SUN CSN is part of the Scaling Up Nutrition Movement which unites governments, UN bodies, businesses, donors as well as civil society in a collective effort to end malnutrition. The SUN CSN encourages the formation of vibrant civil society alliances in each SUN country to strengthen national plans to tackle hunger and malnutrition.

Find out more about the wider Scaling Up Nutrition movement here

Civil society makes a unique contribution to the SUN movement. Here are just some of the ways that we are supporting the fight against hunger and malnutrition:

The SUN CSN plays a crucial role in coordinating civil society so that we can make sure our voice is stronger, our work is more coordinated and we can reach the most excluded communities.

You can read the SUN CSN 2016-2020 strategy here

Our Impact – How are we helping to end malnutrition?

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