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Global Youth Leaders for Nutrition


Global Youth Leaders for Nutrition
Join the Global Youth Leaders for Nutrition

In the year of what would have been Nelson Mandela’s 100th Birthday, the SUN Civil Society Network, ACTION and Global Citizen, are supporting 10 inspirational young people to become leaders in the fight to end malnutrition.

"To the youth of today, I also have a wish to make: Be the script writers of your destiny and feature yourselves as stars that showed the way towards a brighter future. Nelson Mandela "

What you will be doing:

This one-year programme will support 10 young campaigners to develop the skills and knowledge needed to help accelerate progress to end malnutrition. The role will include:
• Attending a global advocacy training workshop in Washington, D.C. from 12-19 July 2018 to develop new skills, hear from experts and learn more about malnutrition and being a leader in development
• Putting your newly developed skills into practice by meeting decision makers in Washington, D.C.
• Developing your own campaign and running campaigning activities such as events, petitions and speaking to the media, to increase support for tackling malnutrition both in your country and globally
• Making links with local decision makers, such as parliamentarians, to advocate for change
• Working with other young people in your community to pass on your skills and knowledge and help them become champions for good nutrition
• Attending global and regional campaigning events in 2018/19 (e.g. the 2018 G20 summit in Argentina and the Global Citizen Nelson Mandela festival in South Africa) to campaign for change and ensure young people’s experiences of malnutrition are heard
• Working with other young people around the world to share your ideas and improve your campaigns
• Using the Global Citizen platform to amplify your campaign

The programme will run from July 2018 - July 2019, but there will be opportunities to continue to campaign beyond this. We also expect attendees to continue to seek opportunities to use their skills to advocate for good nutrition and demonstrate leadership.

Supporting Organisation
All applicants must have a reference from a SUN Civil Society Network Member organisation or RESULTS UK/ACTION partner organisation, confirming the organisations commitment to supporting the applicant throughout the programme.

About the organizers
ACTION is a global partnership of advocacy organisations working to influence policy and mobilise resources to fight disease of poverty and achieve equitable access to health. ACTION partners work across five continents in both donor and high burden countries. Founded in 2004, ACTION began as a partnership of independent, locally-established civil society organisations working to mobilise new resources against tuberculosis (TB). Building of successes in fighting TB globally, ACTION expanded its efforts to include child survival, with a focus on expanding access to childhood vaccines and increasing the political will and investment needed to fight childhood undernutrition
Global Citizen is a movement of engaged citizens who are using their collective voice to end extreme poverty by 2030. On our platform, Global Citizens learn about the systemic causes of extreme poverty, take action on those issues, and earn rewards for their actions — as part of a global community committed to lasting change.
RESULTS UK is a non-profit advocacy organisation that works to create the public and political will to end extreme poverty. RESULTS’ focus is on educating and empowering people - whether they are ordinary citizens or key decision-makers – to bring about policy changes that will improve the lives of the world’s poorest people. Our advocacy focuses on areas that have the most potential to make a difference. RESULTS UK has a track record of expertise in education, global health and economic opportunity. RESULTS UK is a partner of the ACTION Global Health Advocacy Partnership.
The Scaling up Nutrition Civil Society Network is part of the Scaling Up Nutrition Movement which unites governments, UN bodies, businesses, donors as well as civil society in a collective effort to end malnutrition. The SUN CSN encourages the formation of vibrant civil society alliances in each SUN country to strengthen national plans to tackle hunger and malnutrition.

For full information & to apply please download the following documents:


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